Why Cloud

Utilization of cloud significantly improves business operations than businesses without it. It presents, convenience, scalability, agility, security, reliability and cost effectiveness.

The time has come for businesses, agencies, content creators, developers, to launch their product and services on high-performance, auto-scaling infrastructure platform and cut cost by paying for only resources they actually use. No need to wait for loading time, your request always routed to the nearest point of presence (POP) through a global network, all fully managed by us.

Unique approach

Your business is unique and it deserves unique strategy, implementation and management. Here is how addiccloud helps businesses in 3 simple ways

Cloud Strategy

We analyze your business and it’s model and develop a strategic plan for your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Implementation

Setup all deliverables and migration process without interfering with business operations.

Cloud Management

Daily monitoring and management by team of experts, making sure of security, reliability, scalability.

Solutions That Suits Your

Business Critical Needs

Human support, 24/7, expert team Always there to assist.

Managed services pricing models


Your cloud our expertise. One time setup fee and 2.5% management fee on IaaS


Our cloud our expertise
Pay -as-you-go
Cloud Server, Automation, Block Storage, Load balancer etc