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Data encrypted hosting is multi-faceted. Here is how we protect your data.

Features / Products Dedicated Server Cloud Server Virtual Datacenter
Encryption optionally included optionally included Included (mandatory)
Encryption Level Per Disk Per Server Per Storage *
Encryption Methods AES 256-BIT XTS AES 256-BIT XTS AES 256-BIT XTS
Customer-managed keys (bring your own key) Yes On request On request
Data sliced and distributed to different locations No No Yes
Fully redundant Optional Yes Yes
Server Location Switzerland Yes Yes Yes

* Each physical disk has a different randomly generated Data Encryption Key (DEK).

The inner workings of data encryption

Data security protocols include components such as firewalls, networking, backup, multi-factor authentication, physical security, and much more. We offer multiple layers of protection in our encrypted server hosting solution. Data is encrypted when it is transferred between clients and our servers. Data is also encrypted when it is stored in our data center.

As a leading data protection provider, per default, all data stored on our servers are encrypted. No matter what type of file is stored on our servers, whether it is a database, operating system, or application data, everything will be encrypted by default using AES 256-BIT XTS encryption.

How do you encrypt data at rest?

When data is stored in data centers, it needs to be secured. To achieve this, we encrypt sensitive information stored in physical servers, cloud servers, and in virtual data centers.

How do you encrypt data in motion?

Data in transit demand robust protection as it can be exposed to a variety of threats. To secure data during a transfer, we encrypt sensitive information before moving and/or use encrypted connections (HTTPS, SSL, TLS, FTPS, etc.) to protect the contents of data in transit.

You can also apply your own approach to data encryption

In addition to the options listed above, clients can also use server-side encryption and install any encryption software such as Bitlocker for Windows or GnuPG for Linux. By default, these approaches leverage AES encryption algorithms in cipher block chaining (CBC) or XTS mode with a 128-bit or 256-bit key.

All our data encryption solutions leverage AES 256-Bit XTS. However, our Encrypted Virtual Datacenter solution uses a process known as data sharding to protect your sensitive information.

Regardless of what you choose for your business, you can count on enterprise encryption to secure your digital assets. What is more, you won’t need to make any changes to your current operating system or applications.

However, if your organization demands policy-based encryption, we can also support that by deploying a variety of randomly generated Disk Encryption Keys (DRK) across each physical disk.

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