Our Values

These values guide who we hire and our brand in general. We are very proud of these timeless values, they wouldn’t change for any reason.

Open Positions

Open Positions

What does the recruitment process look like at Addicnet?

Spare us your papers, we’re only interested in your abilities and your experiences.


Phone Screens

We start with a quick and friendly phone call so we can learn a little more about you, your fit for the role, and you can learn a little more about us.


First Interview

We’ll organize an interview (usually with the CEO and another team member) to really dig into your skills and experience and how they relate to Addicnet.


Practical Test

If the interview goes well, some roles might require you to complete a practical task (like a coding test, or a hypothetical scenario) so we can see you in action.


Second Interview

We’ll organize a second interview to discuss your practical task and explore some new questions. You might also meet other team members or prospective stakeholders at this stage.


Reference Checks

We like to speak with both a previous manager and a co-worker of yours to get a feel for what it’s like to work with you.



If you’re the best person for the role and we’re happy with everything so far, the next step is an offer for the role.