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Our marketplace solution comes with handful of advanced features.

Architecture scalability

Speed and performance

Product information management

Omni channel approach



  • CDN

  • Live Chat

  • Analytics

  • Payment¬†Getaways

  • SSL

  • Modern Theme¬†

  • Multiple add-ons extensions

Fully managed

AddicCommerce is a fully managed solution customized to suit your business needs. After project completion, you only focus on sales while we focus on your infrastructure and backends for you.

  • Cloud hosting scalability

  • Speed and Performance

  • World class Support


Discover addiccommerce

AddicCommerce is an innovative e-commerce solution that creates B2B and B2C commerce platform with an advanced feature for businesses on the fully managed model.

Dropshipping Store

A model that allows you to sell products from your store without investing capital in inventory.


Rewards /Cash back

Consumers/shoppers receive cash back or rewards during a debit card transaction


Content & Commerce

A blog integrated with ecommerce store, shoppers buy while reading content


Multi-Vendor Marketplace

A marketplace store that products are sold by number of sellers


Ecommerce Store

A store with niche products sold by only the store owner

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